Estrogen music

I have a couple channels on Pandora that Donnie calls “Estrogen channels.” I can’t argue too much with that. They are my “Adele” and “Colbie Caillat” channels. You don’t see too many guys listening to these women (well, maybe Zipop).

I don’t listen to this kind of music too often. But on Saturday mornings, you better believe I’m groovin’ to some slow, blues-y type songs while I make pancakes. Plus, there are some seriously beautiful voices in there: Adele, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Nash, Duffy, Sara Bareilles… I know it seems a little Lilith Fair, but what woman doesn’t like Lilith Fair? Or, again, Zipop.

Where was I going with this post? At this point, I’m not sure and I’m too tired to start over.

Pandora estrogen channel rocks!

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