Are you afraid of the dark?

Tonight Logan (3) asked where his night light was. It was a vaporizer-type night light so when the vapor scent ran out, I put the night light away.

He’s never really cared about having a night light. He used to sleep in the dark (before his cold). He’s not scared of anything, let alone the dark. He refuses to have anything in his bed, take ownership of a blankey or any stuffed animals. He even prefers to watch movies in a pitch black room.

Tonight he said, “I don’t want dark. Someone might get me.”

(Imagine me army crawling across his room to get this pic… He’s a very light sleeper)

Where does Logan get the idea that someone might get him? He doesn’t watch scary shows, read scary books or hear scary stories.

So where is this coming from? Is it nature? Are these fears built in? Or maybe Anya (8) is filling his mind with fear. Anya was never scared of the dark until a couple years ago. I honestly thought it was a ploy to play after lights out.

Five minutes later, Anya comes out of her room, “Logan can borrow my night light.”

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