Is this an Indian Summer?

When I was thinking about this beautiful weather, I thought “Is this an Indian Summer?” Well, maybe, maybe not, Indian Summers technically occur in the fall and here we are in the first week of March. I could say the typical Kansan thing and say “Well, we’re in Kansas, if you don’t like the weather, just stick around, it’ll change.


What a beautiful day!

It’s days like these that make you want to spend every waking moment outside and we did. (My computer felt a little neglected).

We went to the park.
We took a bike ride.
We did a little de-weeding.
We jumped on the trampoline.
And, last but not least, we grilled out.

What a perfect end to a perfect day. One thing I love more than beautiful weather is a great meal. T-bones cooked medium rare. Sea salted baked potatoes (with the works). Marinated grilled shrimp. Lemon-squeezed, olive oil salad. Ranch bacon pasta salad. Yeah, we do it right.

We chose to eat outside… it was that nice. But, our deck has seen better days. This past fall we basically rebuilt it. It still needs some work and we’re chilling on lawn chairs but… here’s our view from the deck. (Yeah, we ate by sunset).

Speaking of “chilling”, it did get a little chilly.


Mmmmm, loving the heat from our nice Christmas present. A deck heater!

Happy Indian Summer!

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