People surprise me

Whether we are stereotyping or we really know a person, I think, for the most part, we expect people to behave a certain way. But… occasionally, people surprise me.

For example, today, I went to my least favorite place to shop, Sam’s (click here for my story on Sam’s). Here I was shopping along, grabbing cases of canned fruit and a gallon of maple syrup, when a let’s just say “tactless, hillbilly” walks up behind me and belts out the most disgusting, unforgivable burp. I shuttered. I couldn’t turn around for fear that I would be able to taste what was probably KFC or BBQ in the belched air. I glanced at a lady walking toward me only see her “Did that just happen face?” I walked on. This person surprised me.

Then, tonight, I’m sitting in my bed, feeling sorry for myself, deciding whether I should take 20 minutes to blog or not. NOT! I finally chose. So, I’m sitting here playing Angry Birds on my iPad, about to doze off, when my dad calls.

Anyone who knows my family knows that he and I are (regrettably) not close. First thought, “Something’s up with mom.” I answer, trying to hide the worry (or surprise) in my voice. He was just calling to talk. Asked how I was doing. Asked how the kids were doing. Asked about my job. Talked about his job. It was nice. I hung up the phone 20 minutes later (yes, 20 whole minutes. I’ve talked less to him on a 10-hour car ride). I yelled out to Donnie, “You’ll never guess who called.” And he didn’t. My dad surprised me.

I guess sometimes it’s nice to be surprised.

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