Finish the game

Tonight I went to play volleyball. I usually play on Thursdays but we had a week off so I was really itching for a good game. I was really hoping for a good team, good night.

We played best out of three. It was a slow start but we won the first. Barely lost the second. Then in the third it was 20-15, I was up to serve. We only had 4 players to their 6 so we were really busting our butts, I jammed my finger on a block yet again, we were throwing ourselves around the court to pick up all their cheap shots (it’s just not cool to tip short on four players).

Anyway, I was up to serve, the girl passes the ball over in the easiest possible hit. We’re surprised but we play it out. Then, she does it again. Seriously, are they giving up? She does it four more times. We win the game.

What a waste!
What an insult!
What a bad sport!

They played cheap volleyball all night just to throw it away in the last five points. I hate that!

Finish the game or don’t bother showing up.

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