Free iPhone App Saturday

I know. Free iPhone App Saturday doesn’t really have a great ring to it. It was supposed to be Free App Friday but I forgot until about my REM cycle last night.

Free App Saturday it is. (Until next week, in which, I will go back to Free App Friday).

So, now to the point. The Free App. Evernote. It is one of my favorite websites.

You see. I’m one of those people who love the idea of being organized but really suck at actually being organized. Evernote helps me do that.

I keep all my notes, links, phones, voice memos, pdf documents in my password-protected Evernote. I have the Mac App, the iPhone App and the iPad App. They all sync automatically.

So, if I’m at work and I see an article I’d really love to read (but don’t have time), I’ll clip it in my Evernote and read it later at home on my iPad or iPhone App. Sure beats my old method of emailing it to myself.

What’s even more important is that I can create notebooks and organized files and notes for projects at work. This definitely keeps me on top of my game (especially when my boss tries to catch me off guard).

The best part about this whole thing: Evernote is free! So, download it and let me know what you think.

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