Girl Scout squabble

My doorbell rang last weekend and at the door stood a 3rd grade brown-eyed neighbor holding a green order form. A girl scout. Anyone who lives in a neighborhood has seen these girls. They cruise the neighborhood to tug at the heart strings and wallets of good, giving people like me.

Anyway, I bought a couple boxes of the peanut butter ones and the mint ones. Yum.

That’s when the confusion began.

Two days later, her mom calls me saying they’ve stopped by several times and we haven’t been home. This is strange because there is almost always someone home. I said we’d drop a check by.

So, today I sent Anya (who waits with this girl at the bus stop every day) to pick up the cookies. She returns quickly with the check in hand but no cookies. She said, “She told me the sale was over and I couldn’t have the cookies.”

Sighhhhh. I was driving home so I figured, “To hell with it.”

I took Anya to volleyball practice and got a voicemail from the girl scout’s mom (bad service at the Y). She said, again, they’ve stopped by several times and we haven’t been home. WTF?

I called her back and she told me I wrote the wrong address. Assuming, they may have misread my sloppiness, I said, “Well we stopped by earlier.” Completely ignoring that comment, she says, “Yes, the address doesn’t say what you just said.” Me: “Well we still have the check if you want drop the cookies by.” Her: “Ok, well what’s your address because it’s wrong on this form.”

OMFG!!!! I should also mention that we’ve lived here 4 years and the two girls have played together several times.

I told her my address and hung up.

Before I got home, the girl scout dropped off the cookies in the most ungirlscout way possible.

First, she rang the doorbell as if she were trying to create a musical number (after 8:30, 30 minutes after Logan went to bed).
Second, when my mother in law said “Oh we came by earlier”, the girl scout simply said, “You’re wrong” and then asked for her money with her hand on her hip and her head cocked slightly, brown eyes rolled.

And here I was just trying to be nice and neighborly.

I’m not sure she’s aware of the Girl Scout mission. “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” I hope they teach her at camp (an experience supported by the money from the cookies I bought).

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