Celebrity Apprentice: I actually learned something!

For some reason, Donnie and I are really into Celebrity Apprentice this season. It’s fun to have a show together. Plus lately, I’m especially interested because they’ve been doing projects I would like to/have tried to do.

Yesterday, they tried to make a viral video for a mop.

I was like, “Yes! Maybe I’ll learn something.”

I definitely did learn.

I learned…

1. Don’t make Tia Carrere a project leader. She doesn’t do much as well as she does singing. But, she sure rocked that Wayne’s World song. Am I right?

2. Don’t let Miss Universe brainstorm your concept.

3. Don’t put Lisa Lampanelli in charge of charming, well, anyone.

4. Who the hell is Aubrey O’Day? Ok I didn’t learn that but I did want to make a point that she shouldn’t be on this show.

Do you see a trend? They are all women. Yes. Sadly, the women lost this week. With the tagline “What’s your number?” Their viral video was provocative and confusing. They were trying to relate number of sexual partners with number of mops they’d gone through. To me, it was a little misogynistic. Insulting. And, it came from the women’s group.

The men’s team won with a tagline, “I’ll mop the floor with you” and starred Lou Ferrigno prancing, dancing, dipping, humping (you name it) with a mop. Now that, was a riot.

Here’s the outakes of Lou’s big dance.

The men’s team nailed the viral quality of “unexpectedness.” Lou nailed it. I’m now cheering for the men’s team, with Donnie (who was a loyal fan from the beginning).

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