Go Kentucky

So here I am watching the KU vs. Kentucky and I can’t help but cheer against KU. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate KU. In fact, I used to like KU. A lot. I knew the players’ names and everything.

What changed?

1. Well, you know how when you like something and someone you abhor likes the same thing and completely flaunts it and uses it as a excuse to neglect their family and drink-and-(usually)-drive when they win? Ok, maybe not that exact scenario but you get my point. You begin to wish the team would lose just to avoid all that drama.

2. Then… you know how when you marry someone who used to play basketball at K-State? No? Oh, well maybe that one is just me. Donnie’s not a big KU fan.

I say all this to say:

Go Kentucky!

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