The B in ABC

The other night, I’m watching Modern Family with Anya (8). I know, it’s not realllly a kids’ show but she caught it once and now it’s our thing when Donnie has to work late.

Anyway, these provocative commercials kept coming on for the following program. It was the series premiere, so ABC thought they should broadcast it at every commercial break. Anya instinctively closed her eyes each time. Really, ABC? At 8 o’clock I have worry about my kids seeing something they shouldn’t?

By the time Modern Family was over, I’d had it with “Don’t Trust the B- in apartment 23.”

And what’s with ABC’s new shows? The B in Apartment 23 and GCB? Both shows are on before our little ones go to bed. Is this what network television is coming to?

What a minute, what does the B in ABC stand for?

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