Unspoken rules for stay-at-home moms?

So I visited my sister in Texas this past weekend. She stays at home with her kids and home schools. She’s always on the clock too. I’ll explain.

I was talking with her and her husband about a friend of mine (stay-at-home mom) whose husband does NOTHING around the house or to help with the kids. My brother-in-law interrupts with, “As he shouldn’t.”

This comment kind of got me thinking. Is there some sort of unspoken rule that stay-at-home moms do everything in the house and for the kids, 24 hours a day? I’ve noticed other couples behaving in a similar manner and just thought, “Wow. Those guys don’t help at all. What jerks.” (I really do think that).

On the other hand, it’s unfair for me to compare their situations with mine (one with two working parents). Our housework and kid-tending is equal (I see to that ;)).

I guess it mostly bothered me when we were all out and the women were assigned the task of bathing the kids and cleaning up while the men got dinner and beer. Maybe it was my feminist side speaking when I said, “You guys clean the house and take the kids home and bathe them. You haven’t seen them all weekend. We’ll go get the food and beer and be back just in time for everything to be done.”

That didn’t go over too well with Working Dad because he’d actually already helped with breakfast that morning. Check! Done for the day. I finally gave in with a “You owe me” to Donnie and everyone was happy.

Later that night, I considered myself a lucky woman as Donnie lovingly tucked the kids in bed while I lounged on the couch.

One thought on “Unspoken rules for stay-at-home moms?

  1. My husband knows he has to help out when he gets home. If I am not off the clock neither is he. If either one of us has had a rough day the other will try to pick up the slack. It does get tough when we both could really use a break but we are the ones who decided we wanted to be parents.


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