Insanity after 9 months of nothing

Wow. It’s been about 9 months since I’ve written anything on this blog. Hmm… what could I have been doing for 9 months? Oh right, I grew a person. So, yeah. That’s my excuse. But… since he’s almost 4 months old I can’t make that excuse anymore.

My new excuse will be “burnout”. I mean, I ran out of stuff to say. And if you ask Donnie, that never happens. Ok, ok. I was being lazy.

But here I am now, so let’s get to it. Remember the time I told you I was growing a baby? (see above) Well, now I’m determined to lose the baby weight. I started out doing my usual yoga and spin classes at the YMCA. The pounds were dropping. Then it stopped (a few pounds too soon if you ask me).

Meanwhile, Donnie was thinking he wanted to lose his baby weight also. It happens. One night, when Donnie couldn’t sleep during infomercial hours, he bought into and actually ordered the Insanity “program”.

insanity workout
Yeah… I do that.

Now, here I am in the second week and beginning to sort of enjoy it. I’m not quoting Shaun T. like Donnie is, but I DO put my New Balances on when I get home from work and I DO make it through 45 minutes of pure cardio hell. So yeah, I’m trying. It’s like college volleyball conditioning without my coach screaming “Passing and shuffling and passing and shuffling” in what I maintain is a “made-up British accent”.

The workout is tough, but not as tough as taking that before picture. Yikes! (and no you will never see it. Ever.) Next test/measure day is next Monday. I have yet to lose any weight; although, I care more about inches at this point. And if those don’t come off, then it would be insane to continue, am I right? I’ll let you know next week.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the point of this blog post? And to that I say, “Give me a frickin’ break, I just had a baby.”

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