Going going gone: a chair realized


I want this chair. Not just one, though, 4. I need a set. Black ones for our garage parties. It is the perfect garage/driveway chillin chair.

My MIL bought one for Anya for her birthday to be her “reading chair.” It serves to be more of a clothes hanger. It’s a waste, really. I tried to pull the ol’ switcharoo on her, convincingly arguing that a bag chair is “just as good.” Didn’t work. She’s too smart for that.

But since I showed interest in the chair, Anya’s been dragging it out to the living room for family movie nights. I can’t quite tell if it is to show me how much she’s enjoying it, or if she actually enjoys it. (It’s likely the former).

I was waiting for the chairs to go on clearance before I spent any money. After walking past the chairs some 50 times at Walmart (yes, Walmart. I know!), I decided I’ll just go ahead, splurge and buy a set. So I went to Walmart.com (I avoid physically going to the store as much as possible). And this is what I see:

Out of stock! In every color! I called the only two walmart stores in Kansas that said they had “limited stock.” Several call transfers and one rude “ethnic-sounding” customer service woman and it was like no one had even heard of the chairs. Dang it!

I guess this is what I get for being so cheap. Now I’m sitting in this stupid garage chair that is so itchy and uncomfortable. Sigh.

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