Logan: a bully?!

Yesterday, Donnie got a call from Logan’s daycare. Uh-oh. They told Donnie that Logan had “pushed a toddler to the ground and was holding ‘it’ down. (yes, they referred to the child as it) And then when we told him to apologize, he laughed about it.”

What? Not my Logan! Logan is incredibly non-violent. It’s not just mom goggles either, I can get written testimonials from his past teachers who would call him “a teddy bear” and “very loving.” So you can imagine my shock when the daycare lady then asked Donnie, “Does Logan hit your baby?” Logan? Hit? Baby? OMG, I was livid.logancowboy

Upon my insistance, Donnie went up to the daycare to get the whole story. After talking to Logan, who said, “The little kid was in my way and I was trying to go first,” Donnie talked to the lady who called him. He told her he didn’t appreciate the assumptions she made about Logan’s character, making him out to be some sort of baby-beater. Then he said, what really happened? She didn’t know. She wasn’t there. “But you can wait here for the teacher.” Donnie waited.

When Logan’s teacher got back from lunch she explained the whole thing:

Logan’s class went to a water park. The kids were all running through one of the tunnels and there was a 2-year-old in a tunnel. Rambunctious like he is, Logan pushed his way around the child. As he was getting passed, the toddler’s mom (suddenly realizing her 2-year-old was in the tunnel clearly labeled 5-8 years old) starts screaming “DON’T TOUCH MY BABY!!!” Logan freezes. His hand still resting on the toddler’s arm (caught redhanded, if you will). The mom, hysterical (with her mom goggles) yells at Logan and grabs her kid. She demanded Logan apologize to her. Logan just stood there. Then he sorta started smiling, probably because he was embarrassed. 

Logan’s teacher was empathetic with him. She said, “He was being a boy. They were racing. He should been more careful, yes. But the little one should not have been in the tunnel. That toddler’s mom made the whole situation much worse. And, I could tell Logan felt bad when he was put on the spot by her.”

Well, at least someone has Logan’s back. That front desk lady might have thrown Logan under the bus the first chance she had. B-word.


2 thoughts on “Logan: a bully?!

  1. “Bully” is an over used word that just means people have to label every in order to control everyone. Next time someone calls your kid a bully, punch them in the throat.


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