The magic behind the Magic School Bus

I’m not a big fan of letting the TV babysit my kids, but I think sometimes, it’s ok. If the TV is the only thing standing between me and unleashing the fury, then so be it. Not that my kids were doing anything wrong. I just needed a little break. Wait, why am I justifying my actions? I’m not ashamed. Ok, maybe I am. DANG IT!

Anyway, I put Logan in front of the TV. It was Magic School Bus, so I told myself, “It’s ok self, at least he’s learning.” It worked! I’d convinced myself that TV sitters are ok (sometimes).

So I decided I’d use my “free” time to bake. I LOVE cooking, baking, sauteeing, souffle-ing (if that’s even a thing), I love it. To me, it’s therapeutic. And, I always like to make new things; it’s like an adventure. Now I sound pathetic.

Annnnyway, I made Banana Bread Brownies. These things are pretty good! But, definitely not on the low carb menu. Who knows? I may bring the leftovers to work tomorrow. 🙂


And, I did end up getting a little “help.” Logan mentioned that these will go in his “large intestines.” Haha. Score one for moms letting their kids watch TV (sometimes).

photo (1)



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