Friend or family?

When do parents start treating their kids like fellow adults (or friends)?

I’m not talking about those teen years, where your parents expect you to act like an adult but you still have to ask to watch TV, you can’t eat snacks before dinner and you must be home by 11 pm.

I’m talking about when you are 31 years old and you are at your daughter’s softball game and your parents sit by the nearest old couple and engage in a conversation that you “can’t possibly understand.” And “Besides, you’re not welcome in this conversation, maybe you should go outside and play.” At least that’s what I imagined they were thinking.

I’m not over-reaching here with my assumptions. Here’s a recent conversation with my mom.

For example, we are throwing our annual family Independence Day party. I call my mom to confirm times. She says, “Yyyyyeah, we’re having our own party with our own friends this year.”


So, not only are they “having their own party with their own friends” but we were most certainly not invited.

Me: “Ok.”

I didn’t really know what to think about this. Are my parents “too cool” to come to our party? Are they going to dance around with sparklers with their friends? I mean, that’s what they did with my kids on the fourth.

It’s like the tables have turned. I am now the parent and they are the teenagers that want to do anything but come to my lame-o Fourth of July party with “legal”, “kiddy” fireworks.

Mom: Have a good 4th!
Me: Have fun with your “friends” (the quotes here were audible air quotes, although I don’t think she got the hint).

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