Look before you leave: Wait, is that a kid in that car??

Yesterday I went to Walmart, my least favorite place ever. It’s worse than taking my kids the pool knowing full well that other kids pee in the pool and letting my kids swim anyway.

On my way in, this sign caught my eye and sorta pissed me off.
photo (1)

As if kids are a purse that may not be safe due to the “ghetto” nature of the parking lot or perhaps a chocolate bar that may melt on the dash. Oops! Don’t forget your kids.

I just imagine some person with unkempt hair, a dirty white t-shirt (it looks gray now) and a velour mini skirt, that could use a little more material say around the hem, stubbing out a cigarette (likely not their first in the past hour) on the way in the door. She glances at this sign and shouts loud enough for everyone in the tri-county area, “SHOOT! I left my kids in the car! Thank God for this sign.”

It’s not really the sign that infuriates me. It’s the idea. I’m actually glad the sign is there. It’s sad that has to be there. Like the “Do not ingest” warnings on clearly inedible commodities. I’d imagine though, in reality, the people who leave their kids in the car know full well their kids are in the car and think, “They’ll be fine. It’s only 90 degrees.” It’s laziness, pure laziness, to leave your kids in the car! If people claim forgetfulness, then maybe they shouldn’t be in charge of any kids, or a car.

So, I guess, what I have to take away from this is that from now on, when I go to Walmart. I will “Look before I leave” to make sure there aren’t any occupied carseats in the hot cars around me.

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