Team bonding and team not-bonding

About 7 years ago, I was asked to be on a women’s volleyball team. Little did I know at the time that it was more about bonding and less about volleyball.

Season after season, we grew closer. It helped that we were the best team in the league and just got better every season. I looked forward to chatting it up on Thursday night while playing my favorite sport and getting a decent workout. We each had our own special cheer when served an Ace or scored a point. We played off each other’s enthusiasm, told jokes and just had a great time. Over the years, we would call on subs so we could get married, have babies and take vacations. But for the most part, we always came back to the same team.

I took off last Fall to have Riley. Then, I realized having 3 kids and a husband who works at night was too difficult to get away for several hours on Thursdays (I miss my MIL living with us). Finally, I have the time to play. Donnie’s out of season, I’m ready to rock and roll. My team is on a summer hiatus. One of our regulars moved to Colorado. One was out due to pregnancy. One moved to Coffeyville (Why would anyone do that?!). That’s half our team!

So, I am playing on another team. We’re not friends. At least, I don’t think we are. They don’t cheer. They don’t talk much if it’s not about the next play. I tried talking to one of them once and I kid you not, she walked away while I was mid-sentence. This is not fun.

I try to be positive about it.
To Donnie: “Yeah, they don’t talk to me or really smile, but we’re good. Pretty good, at least”

I miss my old team. I never thought I’d say it because I got frustrated with the lack of experience of some of them. Now, I have experienced players and I just want my old team back. Poor volleyball decision-making and all.

I miss my old team. I miss them.

I’m writing this while I dread yet another night of hours of silent volleyball. Like running and jumping robots with braids. We even have a 1 hour break between games. What will I do? Who will I talk to? Should I try another joke? (All my jokes have fallen flat with this team so far). Maybe I’ll act like I have to go somewhere and sit in the bathroom and listen to my audiobook.

At least it’s good exercise.

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