I did not want to work out tonight.
I was intentionally shooting hoops and riding Anya’s scooter so I could justify it later.

These are all the excuses I made:

“I feel dehydrated.”
“It’s too sticky outside.”
“Look! The neighbors are here. They want to hang out.”
“It’s too late. I’m tired. I just yawned.”

I did the workout anyway. Donnie made me.
25 minutes of pure hell. That is, if hell were 25 minutes of fast paced cardio and calisthenics. If you think about it, hell would be doing this workout with no results. (I’ll keep you posted.)

Here we go. Right off the bat, Shaun T is yelling at me to kick higher. I can barely keep up. I’m so thirsty.

Fast jog.
High knees.
Ew. Cotton mouth. Need water.
Downward dog.
Jumping jacks.
I’m gonna puke. I think I’m gonna puke.
High kicks.
My head is spinning and sweat is dripping from my hair.
Upper cuts.
Cross jacks.
And… Stretch. Whew! I made it through. That was tough.

I’m never drinking a beer before my workout again.

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