An Ode to Garlic


I love garlic.

I love it on bread.

I love it on pasta.

I love it in hummus.

It would improve Matza. (ick)

Cheesy rhymes aside, I think garlic is so underrated so I thought it deserved a little more credit. Did you know that garlic is one of the world’s healthiest foods?! And it’s often called “the stinking rose” (affectionately of course).

Raw garlic has many little known health benefits. It can improve metabolism. Research even suggests that garlic consumption can actually help regulate the number of fat cells that get formed in our bodies. Garlic can also keep your blood pressure in check (cardio-protective).

That’s not all. It’s an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral, cancer preventer and will totally protect you from vampires.

So maybe next time, you’re cooking in the kitchen (Or if you EVER do), toss some garlic in that Meatloaf (Minced not in a powder, butter or salt). It will not only improve the taste, it could also improve your health.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll begin to love garlic too.

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