Pinterest is the new honey-do

Donnie finished his volleyball season at the end of June. When I say season you’re probably thinking, a couple months, right? Nope. This club season started in November. Yes. November. That’s 9 months. You’d think he’d have a baby to show for that 9 months of labor. (get it?)

Anyway, I was so excited when he finished because 1) I like having him around. People were starting to talk. 2) I have a Pinterest board called “Donnie” that’s about 200 pins large.

I broke the news to Donnie gently asking him if he was bored and maybe wanted to do some projects for me (I’m not too smooth with power tools. Baby steps). He agreed, “as long as we didn’t have to spend a bunch of money.”

Here are some of the awesome things he’s made:

A pull out pantry!
photo (5)

This thing is awesome. No longer do I have to get out a stool to reach all my spices. We did this project together. But, he did the heavy lifting, literally.

A bathroom upgrade!


photo (7)

photo (6)

He did this in one day! He used gel stain to cover that nasty, honey-colored cabinet with a beautiful espresso, framed the mirror and repainted the walls.

It was a good Friday surprise.

I’m glad I saved all my awesome ideas on the “Donnie” Pinterest board. He only has one month off a year so I have to make it good.

P.S. He’s a good one. He’s in the other room changing a diaper while I blog. What a guy!

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