Good bacteria vs. bad bacteria

I’m a health nut. I’m always reading up the latest health trends.

Probiotics aren’t necessarily anything new but it is interesting: good bacteria, that is.

My doctor says, “Basically probiotics are good bacteria that kill bad bacteria that can make you sick.”

I imagine little transparent fried eggs with devil horns all trying to destroy my body and then enters the transparent warm fuzzy with a halo and angel wings and armed with a bazooka to destroy all those bad eggs.

“Taking a pill with good bacteria that will kill bad bacteria? It doesn’t seem right to me,” said Donnie. (But he’s always a skeptic).


To be honest, it actually makes me a little squeamish knowing these little organisms are waging microscopic wars on each other in my stomach. The sales phrase for a good probiotic is “packed with 1 billion live cells.” What? Ew! I just don’t like knowing there are a bunch of warm fuzzies floating around in my vitamin or the food I’m eating. I mean, everyone’s ok with this?

What if one of the good bacteria goes rogue? He sees the lifestyle of the bad bacteria and thinks, “That looks like a lot of fun, destroying crap. I think I’ll do that instead.” And then, say he was in a gang of good bacteria and convinces several others to go to the dark side? I mean, maybe bacteria is really impressionable. Then you have yourself a serious problem. I mean, you let them in! You welcomed 1 billion live cells of two-faced bacteria into your stomach.

All I’m saying is, “I’m cautious about what I eat.” In all seriousness, I know probiotics are good for me (however gross). Well… in moderation, right?

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