The other day I told my doctor, my pharmacist and someone in line behind me at the pharmacy intricate details about certain embarrassing health issues.

Tonight, my neighbor came over and I repeated the same story to her along with what seemed like my health history. As I’m talking I’m thinking, “Shut up Danielle, you’re creeping her out.” But for some reason those thoughts just fueled my word vomit. Eventually she yelled to her kids in what sounded like a panicked voice but I couldn’t really tell what with all the talking I was doing.

She scooted her kids along as I finally ended my story. I’m watching her walk away thinking, was that TMI?

I told Donnie what I’d said and he goes, “YOU TOLD HER THAT?” He always thinks I over-share but he probably wouldnt even admit to anyone what he’d had for lunch.

As a matter of fact, most guys I know aren’t sharers. As another matter of fact, most women I know ARE sharers.

It’s totally how women build relationships. We share all our secrets. I think guys build relationships by sharing all their power tools. At least that’s what Donnie does. *shrug*

I just texted my neighbor apologizing for the over-share. She laughed. “Lol, never!”

She didn’t even care!

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