The Defense Mechanisms of the Yada-Yada Sisterhood

Ever notice in a crowd of all men, if an debate ensues, the only few women will team up against the men?

To me, it’s almost instinctive. I never had many girlfriends growing up. I was always “one of the guys.” But if we were ever in a situation where one of the guys brought his girlfriend, and said girlfriend spoke up and said something pretty much every guy in the room disagreed with, I’d feel obligated to get her back.

Even if I disagreed with her.
Even if I judged her outfit from top to bottom as soon as she walked in the door.
Even if I didn’t like her.

I would stick up for her. I think it’s a woman’s natural instinct to show compassion for the poor, struggling, helpless, outnumbered (however silly, however dumb) female.

It’s a sisterhood.

It’s a fact. No one (and by that I mean, no man) gets away (completely unscathed) with poking fun, belittling or even arguing against a single girl in a group of men, if she has a “sister” in the room.

Of course, if it’s a group of women, all bets are off and she’s on her own. I don’t make the rules of the sisterhood, I’m just a member.

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