“I cannot write on my blog tonight,”
I said after an internal fight.
I have allergies; a sore throat,
An ache, a rash and stomach bloat.
I shouldn’t have eaten that last french fry,
That burnt bacon smoke is stinging my eye.
My skin feels incredibly tight,
I’ve counted seventeen bug bites!
And there’s one more–that’s eighteen,
Today someone said I was mean.
My legs are sore–my feet are raw–
I just got scratched by a paw!
I cough and sneeze, my eyes are tearing
The kids are doing too much cheering.
My back hurts when the phone rings,
And yes, my right eye still stings!
I’m dehydrated.
It’s overrated.
I ate too much at dinnertime.
I think I want some more key lime.
I lost my password, my fingers hurt,
My finger nails are chock full of dirt.
I’m locked out of my house,
I spilled tea on my blouse.
I got stung by a bee,
Hey, my time is not free.
I have nothing to write, my life is boring, no motivation
I have a hangnail and I’m pretty sure it’s a staph infection.
What’s that? What’s that you say?
You say this blog post is pretty good?
K… I’ll go watch Boys in the Hood

This poem is a tribute to Shel Silverstein. I memorized his poem Sick for my first public speaking engagement in fourth grade. He was my favorite poet at the time (maybe the only poet I’d heard of) and I wanted to be just like him.

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