So dramatic

People (mostly Donnie) have told me “you’re so dramatic.”

It could be that I involve myself in matters and get really worked up about when it’s really none of my business (hey, I’m just trying to help).

It could also be that I over-celebrate life events; sometimes I do it for fun, sometimes I do it for a good story and sometimes I do it just for my own selfish pleasure. But most of the time, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Let’s take Cookie Day at work for example. Cookie Day is no big deal. I can go buy a cookie right now. In fact, I just may. But, my (some may call “unhealthy”) excitement for Cookie Day is that I get overly ecstatic about something that means nothing. To me, it’s fun. And believe it or not, it changes the course of my day. Maybe I’m faking it ’till I make it? But that chocolate chip doesn’t taste fake to me, no sir!

It’s the same reason I tell all my friends about the AMAZING sushi I ate.

Why I scream in my car when I have a bad day at work.

Why I sing in the car when I have a good day at work.

Why I pick Logan up and throw him in the air because he finally wrote his name.

Why I am nearly moved to tears when I see Anya do something nice for someone (I was pregnant at the time, but still).

I guess what I’m trying to say is I discovered that I don’t have to have the most exciting life ever to become a better writer and storyteller. In fact, it’s more challenging to write about life when it’s a little mundane. Not only am I over-exaggerating the small, boring stuff, but I also try to experience typical, daily events more completely.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt add a little drama here and there.






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