I’m funny because of you

I’m a firm believer of “you are who you hang with.” Also “you are what you eat” but that’s a different topic for another day.

All of my life I’ve been a wanderer. I never really had a group. I hung with the jocks at jock practice. I hung with the artists at art practice. I hung with the French nerds in French class. And I hung out with potheads on the weekends. (That’s actually true but don’t worry I wasn’t a drug dealer and I didn’t do drugs). My point is, I didn’t have a group I stuck with all the time. I was an eclectic mix of all these groups (except the pothead part… That was a rebellion phase and I hated every minute of it.) So, in a sense, I was who I hung with.

As I grew, I began to find groups I felt more comfortable in. I hung out with people who made me laugh (also, I only watch movies that make me laugh, prefer books that make me laugh, work with people who make me laugh and I married someone who makes me laugh). The funnier they got, the funnier I got.

So when people tell me that I’m funny, I think about the people I hang with and how funny they’ve made me. After all, I am who I hang with.

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