The Cabin Filter Challenge

First I’d like to say I’m sorry I didn’t post last night. I was not feeling well (that’s an understatement). I actually considered writing a short witty blurb from my bathroom floor but that idea was quickly squashed by, well let’s just say I was busy.

Anyway… after a horrible night followed by a pretty bad morning, I was feeling almost back to myself after lunch so I decided to do something productive. I did take the day off after all.

Feeling especially ambitious, I decided to change the cabin filter in my car. It can’t be that hard right? I pulled out my trusty manual. Flip to the page on pollen filters. WTF? It says Dust and Pollen filter right there at the top but skips straight from seat belts and floor mats to wipers. Not one word on the filters. photo 4

I started to wing it. Which is always a bad idea with me and automotive work. I knew it was behind the glove box but it looked a little complicated, I didn’t want to blow up my car so I did some research. After a little youtubing, I discovered that I needed a video instruction for Honda Pilot. It’s very similar to an Acura (which is what I have).

Then I got to work. Here’s proof that I did it. You can see my chipped nail polish.
photo 3

I had to remove the entire glove box to get to the filter. I actually had to get in my car underneath my glove box to get the last bolt off. I felt all mechanic-y.
photo 2

I got it out!! Ew! That was a dirty filter! Could it be the source of all my nasty allergies??
photo 1

I made sure everything was back in its place before I jumped up and yelled “F*** yeah!”

Then I thought I’d start the car to see if it smelled fresher.

My car wouldn’t start. Sh*t! I broke it!

I text Donnie. “Guess what? I changed the filter by myself” After he send his shocking praise and approval, I told him that now my car wouldn’t start. He reassured me that it wasn’t my fault and simply changing the filter wouldn’t kill the car. I’m all “Simple, huh? That shit was complex!”

Turns out, my battery is bad and couldn’t handle me having the door open for 45 minutes. You’d think they would’ve caught that at the dealership I went to last week… FOR A BATTERY SERVICE!

The point is, I am totally proud of myself for doing something I was incredible intimidated by. It goes along with my recent, “Do something everyday that scares you.” Best part is, I didn’t break my car.

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