Are you scared yet?

My boss is always saying “that’s an opportunity for growth” when he makes me do something I really don’t want to do. Not simple things like paperwork but things that scare me like public speaking and public speaking. I dread every minute of preparation and sweat through most of the presentation but when it’s all said and done I feel awesome, accomplished, fearless.

Why not make that feeling reoccur on a daily basis? (Maybe on a bit of a smaller scale.) So, starting Tuesday, I’ve been facing small fears and enjoying it.

Tuesday: The scissor-lift. I’m terrified of heights. I get queasy on the mezzanine at work. I cling to the door on balconies. I can barely stand on a 6 foot ladder. So when I was asked if I wanted to board the scissor-lift at work, I had the “no” right on the tip of my tongue. But I said “YES!” I don’t know what came over me. But I did it. We went 20 feet straight up and I white-knuckled the safety rail as it swayed back and forth the entire way, gently telling myself that I was going to live through this. And I DID! And I’m pretty proud of myself. BONUS: We got some great shots too. That picture below is looking straight down.

photo 2

Wednesday: Automotive work. I changed my cabin filter.

Thursday: Multitasking with kids. I took all three kids with me to the gym, where I’d be multitasking volleyball and mommying. Some may say this is more of an inconvenience than a fear and to those people I say, “Hey, this is my fear list so shut the hell up or I will be on your fear list.”

Friday: Public speaking. Today I was supposed to walk through my presentation with my boss. This in and of itself is scary to me. Almost as scary as the presentation sometimes. There’s something about people I know watching me speak that really gets me. I don’t know if you noticed but… I didn’t do anything that scared my today. Bummer. But, I’ll work on it for this weekend.

My goal is to continue this for 20 days because then it may become a habit and what a great habit to have!

scares you

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