Showcam: instant projection, instant fun

I’m a BzzAgent. I say that like pretty much everyone knows what a BzzAgent is (but, really, don’t you?). If you don’t, a BzzAgent is a special, unique, talented person carefully selected by a committee of highly influential people to try out new products. (That’s a mostly true description).

As a BzzAgent since 2007, I’ve gotten to try out some pretty cool products, from 5 gum to a CarMD scan tool. Oh and I tried some pretty gross, ineffective teeth whitening goo (they can’t all be winners).

Two days ago, to my astonishment, I received a Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector in the mail. I’ll be honest. When I joined to campaign, I thought that 1). I’d receive a coupon for 10% off which I may or may not have redeemed. 2). it was just a kid’s camera. Well, I was wrong on BOTH counts.
Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 8.08.44 PM
This camera/projector is SWEET! Of course, I did a quick crash course for the kids and they were OFF! They’d take a photo in a well lit room and then run into the bathroom and project it on the shower wall. (I’ll be honest, I was running right along with them. Ok, I was leading them.)

All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with this Playskool camera. Albeit average quality photos, it’s hours of fun for the kids. They even have little animations in the viewfinder where you can put your head on the body of rockstar and then project your little “music video” on the wall. Pretty sweet.

So, when it comes time to review this product for Playskool, I will say “Well done, good sir, well done.”49b8f6d4110f11e38b6c22000a9e17e9_7

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