I’m an idiot, and that’s ok.

Gotcha! I would never admit to being an idiot. Well, not in general. But… there are some things I don’t make much of an effort to learn.

For example, there are states I couldn’t point out on a map. I know. It’s pathetic, but other than passing a memorization test in the 5th grade, it hasn’t really been a setback. It’s like a teacher telling you that you have to learn this math because you won’t always have a calculator handy. Jokes on you, Mr. Al Gebra! (names have been changed to protect certain wrong teachers) I just Googled Delaware. Found it as quickly as I could enter 8×7 (It’s 56). Why was that one always the hard one for me?

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.48.15 PM

So, there you have it, I’m a geographical idiot. (and maybe a times tables idiot, too). Some of that just never stuck with me. Maybe because I’m not too passionate about it?

But, some knowledge I intentionally avoid. Seems weird, right? I intentionally avoid THE NEWS.

Here’s why: Like my friends Zipop, Siri, Basically Chelsie and Blendra, I’ve had my bouts with anxiety and maybe even some depression (ok definitely depression… we all have our stuff). At one point, I was at the bottom of a very steep hill. Every time I thought my foot was secure and I could begin climbing back up, I’d slip on some loose dirt.

That loose dirt was bad news. A robbery, a rape, a kidnapping, a murder. I couldn’t handle it. No, those things weren’t happening to me. But they affected me just the same. As if those were my close friends and family. Then the worry began.

I flipped the channel.

I never flipped back. If the news is important enough, it’ll find me.

So I guess you could say I’m a current events idiot, too. But that’s ok with me. I think I will try a little harder to learn about geography though.

3 thoughts on “I’m an idiot, and that’s ok.

  1. I like how you linked to specific worry post on everyone’s blog except mine. Not sure what to make of that. I think I’ll worry about it for the next 3 days until I can ask you about it in person. No wait, I’m not Blendra. Good post, BTW. You get this weeks VA (Vulnerability Award).


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