I actually like writing every day

The idea of writing every day seems daunting.

I don’t have enough time.

I don’t have anything to say.

I’m not motivated enough.

I used to dread writing a blog post every day. I’d wait until late at night when I really really didn’t want to write and then make up some lame excuse (see above). Or post some half-hearted, bs post.

Now (this week) I really enjoy writing every day. Once I log in to WordPress and start typing, it just flows out of me. It’s almost like sitting down and logging into WordPress is a trigger. The words come pouring out. It’s like a release. Venting, sort of. By the time I hit publish, my chest is lighter. My head is clearer.

“Donnie, can you do bath night? I need to write my post.” And get this, HE DOES IT. I love writing every day.

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