Celebrate good times, COME ON! $&(@&$

I’m a big celebrator. I’d celebrate a good hair day if it was socially acceptable. Ok, I still celebrate good hair days.

One of my absolute favorite things about celebrating is giving gifts. I discovered that when I give people gifts and it’s not their birthday or Christmas, they may the wrong idea. I AM NOT HITTING ON YOU and I WILL NEVER BUY YOU COFFEE AGAIN.

I sorta stopped with the random gift-giving due to the mass confusion. (To people other than my close friends and family.)

So when it comes to actual reasons to celebrate, I am ALL ABOUT IT.

Anya turns 10 tomorrow. Oh MY GOD. Anya will be 10 in about 24 hours (but who’s counting 8:53 pm). Anya reminded me that it’s her golden birthday (as if I didn’t know!). It’s the date of your birthday. As in she turns 10 on the 10th = Golden.

I planned a party.
Made invitations.
Bought stuff to make a homemade tie dye cake.
Bought cupcakes for her classmates (because I know they wouldn’t appreciate a homemade treat).

And still today I was thinking “What can I do to make her feel extra special (low cost) on her 10th birthday?”
photo (9)
Yep, that’ll do it.

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