The Advice Whisperer

Today was a little rocky.

Started off with me spending 80 frickin’ dollars at Urgent Care so they can tell me that my kids DON’T have ear infections… yet. But “Come back in a week.” As if I’m some sort of millionaire hypochondriac.

Then, I go and get way too involved in other people’s issues. For some reason, I have this innate need to help people; solve their problems. I take EVERYTHING personally. This stress was heavy on my shoulders. AND IT WASN’T EVEN MY STRESS! I have plenty of things to worry about without this breaking my back. I was this close to making a few specific prank-calls or sending anonymous hate mail and also considered Googling “how to legally take someone down.” Not sure if any of those things would be work-appropriate.

My rock is always there to support me. Classic bff stuff like “Yeah, you’re right” and “Those guys are jerks.”

But The Advice Whisperer is who actually turned my day around this time, from the verge of tears back to my usual self. Cold, hard third party perspective is sometimes just what I need to step back, take a look and reanalyze (maybe without all the irrational emotion).

I don’t know if it’s the refreshing cool fall air, the iced coffee from earlier today, the beer I’m drinking now or the contact high I’m getting from some of my more unconventional neighbors, but I think I owe my good mood to the advice whisperer.

So… thanks.

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