Here I am. Sitting at my desk eating lunch. Now’s a great time to write a blog post. I can’t think of anything. Well, nothing but the butterflies in my stomach.

It’s less than four hours until my presentation. That’s what I’m thinking of.

In about 30 minutes, I’ll eat something to avoid those tummy growls mid-punchline.

In about 1 hour, I’ll go connect my iPad to the projector to make tripley sure it works.

In about 2 hours, I will check my wifi connection yet again.

In about 3 hours, the room will fill up.

In 3 hours and 20 minutes, my heart will be racing and I will be repeating my first lines in my head over and over so I don’t start with a lip-slip.

Just checked my wifi again.

Should I charge my iPad and iPhone? Yep. Better do that. Both have 97% battery life, but, you never know.

I think I’m ready.

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