Time: It’s still there.

“I don’t have time for that.” is what I was going to say tomorrow when I didn’t have anything published. But here I am, typing away, with all the time in the world.

And, actually, time is always there. I. always. have. time.

I could’ve blogged earlier today at lunch but I worked instead. (on my Fantasy Football team. It’s been sorely neglected for a while)

I could’ve blogged when I got home but instead I packed a sack dinner for Logan, 2 yogurts and a bottle and took the boys for a walk and to the park for a picnic. (see how I worked exercise into that?)

Could I have blogged when we got back? Sure! But, I decided to feed Riley the rest of his dinner because we had to leave the park early due to a… well… emergency Logan could not address in public.

After that… time to blog, right? Nope. Donnie’s playing tonight. I HAVE to watch. This is a big game for him and I want to be supportive (ready with feedback). With the computer occupied by the volleyball game and the kids occupied by other things, and I, fielding frantic volleyball game texts from my mother in law (I certainly couldn’t ignore her), this wasn’t the right time to blog.

Kids in bed.
Game over.
15 minutes before I need to feed Riley his late bottle (he’s going through a growth spurt and needs a LOT of extra food).
30 minutes until Donnie calls for the post game recap.

Now. Now’s the time to blog.

Crap, I forgot to eat dinner. I’ll eat while I blog.

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