Dessert: You know you want to.

I’m not the type to engorge when it comes to dessert. I’ve overfed myself every now and then, but mostly I’m a moderation gal. I know when to stop. I know when enough is enough. I eat one cookie, and that’s it. One Oreo. One chocolate chip cookie. One Snickernoodle. Or one peanut butter cookie. (Cookies are my dessert of choice).

I can’t tell you when the last time was that I had candy (Halloween?) Or ice cream for that matter (and I love ice cream).

It’s like I’ve gotten used to saying “I’ll pass” enough that I really have no interest in the Friday donuts or post lunch dip cones. And I’m really being honest about that. It must be in my head because I associate sweets with the overly stuffed, low protein belly that I get when I eat only sweets and then I think, “Yeah, don’t need that today.”

Lately though, I’ve said yes to the occasional donut (even though I feel like somehow, I’ll have to justify it to myself later). I think I’m letting my guard down.

I just ate 4 homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Is this the gateway to engorgement?

P.S. I lied. It was 6 cookies. (Dang it!)

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