Is it just me or is there a more casual use of marijuana (and other drugs) in movies recently?

I know there have always been movies about drugs but it seems I can’t watch a decent comedy without there being at least one scene where the main character succumbs to an offer of some type of drug. (This is 40, Knocked Up, Hangover, Zoolander…)

Sometimes, it glamorizes the life of a pothead. It’s a false portrayal. “I’m ok, you’re ok and we’re all happily smoking pot every day with no job, no responsibility and yet we can somehow continue to afford this lifestyle.”

I feel like these movies send the message that blazing up or even selling a dime bag is no big deal (and legal for that matter). I’m not for or against the legalization of marijuana because I don’t think legalization will affect me and my family directly. (I could be wrong).

But, to me, it’s not a good message to send teens that are watching these movies that promote no-consequence drug use. I know where a lifetime of drug abuse leads, and it’s not pretty. People lose their jobs due to failed drug tests. No one in Hollywood… But people, real people pay consequences.

I know it’s up to me to make sure the right message gets to my kids but I can’t help but worry when I see some of my favorite actors smoking pot and taking ecstasy like it’s just another day.

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