I’m no critic

I used to want to be a critic. Food, movies, art, anything. I mainly wanted to do it so I could experience new things and write about my experiences… and possibly get paid for it.

That was before I realized that being a critic would be a terrible career choice for me.

Here’s why:

1. Critics don’t create anything.
There’s a lot of consuming and not a lot of pooping going on here. All they do is feed on others’ innovation. Tear it apart or build it up.

2. Critics are jerks.
Ok, maybe not always. But a criticism is a very personal thing to the person who’s art is being criticized. And to them, critics are jerks.

3. Critics are subjective.
Annnnd, they should be. I mean anything they say is opinion anyway. When choosing a Redbox movie to rent, I definitely don’t see how many stars or tomatoes the movie got. Some of the worst rated movies are my favorites. So, basically to me, an opinion from some critic means almost nothing.

4. Critics have an easy job.
In essence, sit back and write your opinion (as eloquently as possible). That’s it! The only chance critics take is having an unpopular take on something. Basically, anyone can do this job. Thousands of reviews on Amazon proves that point.

5. I’d rather be criticized.
As difficult as it is, I’d rather be criticized; because it means that I took a chance on something. I’ve created something worth being criticized.

In an auditorium, the easiest place to be is in the audience.

I’m glad I’m not a critic (well, professionally).

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