Children living dangerously

I’d like to consider myself a somewhat lax parent when it comes to kids taking risks for entertainment purposes. I’m not completely hands-off but I’m no helicopter mom either.

I like to give my kids the freedom to make mistakes. If you ask Donnie maybe a little too much freedom at times.

When Logan wants to jump from the top step of the stairs (into a pile of pillows), I say “Go for it!”
When Riley tries to balance on the giant cement ball outside the Y, I say “sure!”
Climb on the slide.
Stand on your bike seat!
Run as fast as you can and then slide on your sweat pants through the kitchen!
Hurl Riley over your head across the room in hopes that he lands on the couch and not the sharp corner of the coffee table.

Wait a minute. I definitely did not approve that last one!
“LOGAN!!! No! You’ll hurt him!”

But before I could cue up my “mom voice,” Riley was mid-air. I began to slow-motion run (or at least that’s how it felt) Riley, giggling all the way over the coffee table and onto the edge of the couch. He grips the cushion to keep from rolling off the side and then shakes with laughter.

I turned my attention to Logan.

Logan looked me right in the eye, his eyebrows raised ever so slightly and the corners of his mouth slowly curled upward.

“See Mommy? He likes it!”

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