Don’t start something you can’t finish.

I’m really good at trying new things. In fact, I’d say I’m the best at starting things: projects, reading books, workouts, diets, even cleaning the house.

I get an idea. I flesh out my idea (usually pump it full of nearly impossible supporting ideas). Then I start my project. It’s going really well. I’m productive as hell as I work ambitiously through my new project. I’m the best at this new thing.

Then it hits me.

This is going to be too much work. I’ll never finish. Who do I think I am trying to execute a nearly impossible idea like this? I have clearly overestimated my talents. I’m not an expert in this field. This won’t end well. No one will read this book. No one reads this blog. No one will know if I skip a week’s worth of workouts. No one will see my messy house.

I’m reminded of fighting words I hear often in movies, “Don’t start something you can’t finish.” The guilt sets in.

-I see my chapters every time I log into Dropbox. Hours of work compiled into 12 documents that are just sitting there. Sad, incomplete, empty.
-I have 5 books with bookmarks about 1/2 way in. An Audiobook unfinished.
-My blog reminds me the last time I logged in was a year ago. A year. Ago.
-I’ve lied to my workout app. That’s right. I lied to an app because I didn’t do my goal number of workouts (in case you couldn’t tell how I feel about this one, I think it’s pretty shameful to lie to an app.)
-My house remains a mess. The parts I cleaned are getting cluttered again. As I walk through my house everything is speaking to me. Overwhelming me with to-do list items.

My vacation is almost over and it’s about time to get back to work. A time when I’ll leave all these unfinished things behind and once again become “too busy” to finish them. Sad, but true. Maybe this year will be different. Maybe I’ll finish something. Maybe I’ll workout consistently and not be forced to shamefully lie to an app. Maybe I’ll have the guts to take the next step with my book.

The beginning of a new year is great time for excellent starters like me. In 2015, I’ll start this new thing where I finish stuff. As difficult as it is, I will fini-

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