Unrealized productivity

Logan’s sick. But if you asked him, he just bumped his head the other day and he’s cold because he didn’t put socks on today. And he’s, well, he’s just not hungry today. His eyes look tired because he looked at the lights too long yesterday. And, can he go play?

As I sat here on my couch for the 4th consecutive hour, my mind is full of guilt and irritation from not getting any chores done, my body aches from literally just sitting here… Watching movies with Logan, sketching, and playing pretend with Riley.

Today, Logan made me think. When was the last time I ignored illness, fatigue, boredom, or chores all for the sake of fun?

As I started this blog post, words at the top of my mind were laziness, guilt, unproductive, wasted day. But, in a way, it’s days like these that could be considered my most productive. I just didn’t realize it.



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