You know, Schwahmey, don’t you?

Crap. Is that who I think it —
Uh-oh. What’s she doing here?
She doesn’t work around here.
I hope she doesn’t see me.
I’ll look the other way and walk by quickly. That way, if she recognizes the back of my head, I could be all, “Oh I didn’t see you there.”
Now, book it.

Whew, made it.
Now, to the opposite side of the gym to workout in hiding.

I used to workout with my friend, let’s call her Schwahmey. Schwahmey and I met on a volleyball team and decided it’d be a great idea to workout together. At the time, I needed someone to keep me accountable and being new in town, Schwahmey needed some friends.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, we met at the gym to lift. One hour of squats, sumo squats, bossy-ness and trash talking. Yes. Trash talking. Schwahmey doesn’t like many people. I’m not much of a trash-talker (except right now I’m just as bad! Ugh). Anyway, hindsight, it should have been a red flag when she told me that she’s “so glad to meet a girl who isn’t a B.” But, I thought I’d give her a chance anyway.

After months of working out and playing volleyball together, Schwahmey really started weighing me. We weren’t compatible. Workouts weren’t fun. I was stressed after leaving the gym. And, I’ll admit, a little pissy too. Then, I switched volleyball teams. I was going back to my old team and Schwahmey wasn’t coming with me.

As we got busier at work, we started slacking on our workouts a little bit. Seeing each other at volleyball was excruciatingly awkward.

We couldn’t seem to connect with the workout times. I’d force myself to invite her and she’d stand me up. It was over. And I think we both knew it. I felt guilty. She was pissed. Donnie was relieved (he didn’t care for Schwahmey too much).

Then. She found my hidden workout space. I see her. With a new Danielle. Bossing HER around. Telling HER what to do. I said “hello” as they walked by. Schwahmey gave a fake smile that could freeze a urine stream. I watched them walk away. Glad it wasn’t me. New Danielle seemed way more suited to Schwahmey’s personality.

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