Am I still a good mom if I just want my kids to leave me alone?

I’m having one of those mom guilt days.

Saturday morning. 7 a.m.
Riley’s daily chanting, “Mommy get up, Mommy get up, Mommy get up” has a melodic, soothing sound. I’m almost lulled back to sleep by his baby baritone.
All I want to do is sleep.

I get up. Blindly feel my way to the coffee pot and make a pot.
I pour a bowl cereal for Riley and me and sit at the table.
I’m halfway down to my seat when there are technical issues with cartoons,
All I want to do is eat.

This repeats throughout the day.
I sat down with a book.
I started cleaning a room.
I opened Pinterest.
All I want to do is what I want to do!

But something keeps coming up. It’s 10 am. I send the kids outside. 5 min later, crying and knocking on the back door. Riley’s covered in mud and poop. (Long story but we have a toilet in our backyard and he thought he better run to that toilet and go.)

Finally, I decided to negotiate and try something fun the kids and I can do together. I tired Pinterest but all of that crap looked boring as hell. Logan wants to make something yummy. Ok, Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispies. Let me clear something up first. When a 6-year-old wants to make something with you, translation: “Mommy, make this yummy thing super fast so I can eat it.” So I sent the boys outside again.

Logan comes running in, “Mommy, I found a key!”
Me: “Where’s Riley?”
Logan: “Playing outside.”

I take off running. As soon I pass the door jamb, I see Riley conversing with the neighbor. He informed me that “They key your boys found goes to the mailbox here.” And then we chatted a bit as the boys ran back inside.

Maybe 3 minutes later, I followed.

As soon as I enter, Logan’s yelling, “MOMMY! Riley drank the vanilla!” I look at Riley who looks grossed out and says “Dat gucky” pointing to the puddle of vanilla schnapps (I mean extract).

Now, I know it’s frowned upon to put the kids in front of the TV, but that’s exactly where I sent them so I could write this blog post. And they’ve only called me about 8 times to come help them with something or get Riley’s arm untangled from the drawstring on the blinds. Now, mysteriously my keyboard has peanut butter on it.

All I want to do is write a blog post!

I know it’s ok to want to be alone sometimes but that doesn’t stop the mom guilt.

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