What if I don’t have what it takes to be a writer?

This morning, as I was flipping pancakes with my special ultra thin and flexible pancake turner, I thought. Man, anyone could be a great cook with the right tools. And then, I started thinking of other things that are so much easier with the right tools.

Building. Donnie’s always making do with what he has for tools, but he’ll comment on how much faster, better and more efficient he’d be with the right ones.
Art. The right pencils and paper and paints and space and inspiration definitely make it easier to be better at creating art.

What about writing? Do you have to have the right “tools” to be a great writer? (by tools I mean mind)

I’m listening to Steven King On Writing and he said something that’s stuck with me this week. He said (and I’m paraphrasing), Writers are born with the right equipment. You can’t make equipment and you can’t make a writer. You can’t train to become a writer if you’re not one.

Of course, then he goes on to water it down a little by saying that you only have to be born with one tiny bit of writer in your blood. But, it still got me wondering (more like doubting), what if I wasn’t “Born to write? How do you even know if you were? Am I wasting my time pursuing something that’s not “in my blood”?

Maybe I read it wrong or perceived it wrong, but isn’t perception reality?

For now, I’m agreeing to disagree with King on this one. I think writers can be made. I think creativity can be made. I think it’s all about exposure and practice. So I’m going to stick to a path of exposure and practice to become a writer that I may or may not have been meant to be.

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