I will NOT be a failure Seth Godin!

“I have nothing to write!! Writing is dumb. I quit!” …is what I said the other day when I wrote about having writer’s block. The next day I discovered a blog challenge by Seth Godin’s cohort Winnie. It was like God and Seth got together and said “Danielle, you need a boost. Here you go.”

It’s The Your Turn Challenge is a 7-day blogging challenge inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin.

According to Winnie, she was struggling with her Blog Every Day challenge. Basically, Winnie’s doing what we’re trying to do in the Blog Squad: Zipop, Blendra, Cerrem and the whole gang. The only difference is that while we keep each other accountable (sort of), marketing thought leader Seth Godin keeps Winnie accountable. Seth told her: “Every day you don’t put up a blog post, you’ve failed…..” Being in the same office as Seth Freakin’ Godin, her chances of failure are minimal.

To help her blog everyday, Winnie thought of strength in numbers. “We’ll all do it together”! I’m on board Winnie! In fact, I’ll be the skipper!

Today’s topic is as follows:
Day 1: Why are you doing the Your Turn Challenge?

As if you haven’t already inferred from the context above, my reasons are the same as Winnie’s: Accountability. Motivation. Contagious Energy. But mostly, to keep this blog going!

My New Year balloon of blogging was slowly releasing helium and Winnie just showed up with a truck full of helium tanks.

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