If I knew I could not fail, I would…

“If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would…” Man, if that’s not the ultimate open-ended statement. Honestly, if I knew there was absolutely positively no way that I could fail, I would do everything, anything.

I would publish a book.

I would be a freelance copywriter.

I would create more artwork.

I would start a jewelry-making business.

I would become a fashion blogger.

I would become a health expert.

I would become  life coach, therapist.

I would pull off the greatest bank heist in history.

This list could go to the moon and back but I only have 10 minutes to put my thoughts on paper. I know the point of this exercise is that, whether or not the chance of failure exists (it always does), we should go for it anyway. Except for that whole robbing the bank thing. Going for it anyway is very hard. I can’t imagine a world without the chance for failure and I’m not sure I want to. Without failure, what happens to the thrill of success? What is there to hope for if success is guaranteed?

Failure builds character. It creates hope. It is what makes people great.

So how about I try a new exercise and do a few of those things above, knowing full well that I may fall flat on my face?

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