Grateful for all the annoying things

Siiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhh. As I changed the roll of toilet paper. Like always, the new roll was 1/2 used and still stacked on top of the old cardboard roll. Why? Why can’t we change the roll? What’s so hard?

Ok, it’s a little hard, you have to compress the metal spring while also sliding the metal roll out of place and then somehow do the same thing with a roll of toilet paper covering the spring. I can do it. It’s annoying, yes. But I can do it. And so can every other woman I work with. I know this, because I’ve trained some of them to do so.

I walk out the bathroom door, picking up paper that had missed the trash can, reminding myself to be grateful that I have both the dexterity and the thumb/finger strength to change the roll. I guess not everyone has that. Everyone can, however, pick up an errant ball of paper. #eyeroll

Siiiiiiigggghhhhhhh. As I go to refill my water from the Culligan. Not a drop to spare…. again. I remove the empty jug and grab a new 25lb jug and awkwardly tip it upside down and onto the dispenser. No spilled water this time! Am I the only one who changes this? I change this thing AT LEAST once a week. 

After filling my bottle, I reminded myself that I should be grateful that I have the strength and coordination to lift the jug and turn it around to put on the dispenser. I should be grateful we have filtered water, remembering how horrible the tap water tasted before the arrival of the jug.

I’ve been listening to The Gratitude Diairies and I’m trying to take a tip or two from it. Gratitude has never been my strong suit. As little as my family had growing up and as much as my parents reminded we kids to be grateful, I still struggle with being annoyed about things that, frankly, I’m lucky to be annoyed by. If ya think about it.

When I sat back down at my desk, I felt a little less annoyed than I normally do when I have to do these chores. Maybe this gratitude thing is actually working.

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