Sit on a wall, eat more bacon and other healthy advice.

Did you know there’s a “Carry a briefcase” exercise? No literally. It’s called that. You lift a weight and walk around carrying it like a briefcase. This blows my mind. Here I am trying to lighten my purse load because it’s bad for my back and you’re telling me to carrying a weight around like, well, like a purse.
It’s like how sitting will kill you but instead do this “wall sit.” So, sit in a chair… dead. Sit on the wall… picture of health.

No wonder people are so confused about how to be fit and healthy!

Case in point: My mother in law is trying to lower her cholesterol. So she thinks “I’ll eat less fatty foods.” But people tell her, oh no, eat the healthy fats. Eat the “good” fats like bacon. Bacon? Really? Yes. Bacon. What’s a lady to do with all this mixed information?! No, really. She asks me, “What the hell am I supposed to eat?”

This is why people hire trainers and nutritionists. Or, ask their daughters-in-law what the hell to eat and how to do that one carry the briefcase exercise they’d been hearing so much about.

To all the confused minds, I say this, “MODERATION.”

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. And yet, we try to create and follow a set of very strict rules for the quickest, best, most dramatic results. WE WANT RESULTS! But, people, I’m telling you. This won’t last. It’s unreasonable to ask yourself to change that much that quickly.

Cut out fried food. Cut out soda. Go for a 30 minute walk everyday. Let’s start there.

Good luck and good cholesterol!

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