Rain: falling, yet uplifting

I woke up this morning with my eyes already rolled. 

Rain. Again. All day rain. 

I hate being inside. I hate the humidity. I hate that allergy sore throat, headache, body aching I get when it rains. Meh.

I came downstairs. Ate breakfast while trying to remember everything I’m thankful for so as not to launch into a completely negative Sunday. It didn’t work. It was still raining and my shirt is still sticking to me.

I got up. Went outside and looked at my amazing flower bed. Hours and hours of work went into this flower bed and it looks so great. I’m swole with pride. I sit on my stoop, coffee in hand and breathe.

The rain smells so… rainy. For someone who hates rainy days, I sure so love the smell of rain. I love it so much, in fact, that I used rain-scented body wash as a teen. (It didn’t come close but it worked).

Suddenly, I felt that negative mood lift. Suddenly, I have energy (the energy the coffee was supposed to provide). Suddenly, I’m taking pics of my flowers and Riley (4) tending the garden and feeling truly thankful. My aches and pains are still here (hitting up the ibuprofen in a minute), but it’s amazing what a little outside time will do to me. 

My beauties below. 

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